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When was the last time you had a contact lens exam? The exam itself is painless and it will make sure that your contact lenses are adjusted to match any changes that your eyes go through, over time. Here we describe the procedures and help you understand why a contact lens exam is so important. An example of a great facility to have your contact lens exam is, Burcham Eyecare Center in Aurora, Colorado. 


Did You Know … About Contact Lens Exams?

Did you know that the exam process for contact lenses are radically different than those for eye glasses? There are specific parts to it that are not present with the performance of an eye glass exam. Likewise, contact lens exams are not part of an exam of the eyes themselves. They are two different tests, each being critically important.

What Are Some Fact About Contact Lens Exams?

  1. Tests for contact lenses are performed by ophthalmologists or optometrists. 
  2. They include SOME parts that are conducted with an eye exam. 
  3. There are additional tests for proper fitting of the lens
  4. Your visual acuity gets tested
  5. Your overall eye health will be examined
  6. Your specific prescription will be determined
  7. Prescription updates are performed when needed
  8. It is best to use the same eye doctor as you would for a general eye exam

Why Is It Important to Get Regular Lens Exams?

We suggest getting a contact lens exam at least every other year in addition to a regular eye exam. Your eye strength and health is susceptible to change. Early detection is the only way to prevent long-term consequences from occurring. Getting a separate contact lens test is also needed to be sure the lenses are compatible to any changes to your eyes.

Additional Information About the Exams

The average length of contact lens examinations is twenty minutes, provided the overall eye health is good. If there are issues with the eyes themselves, the estimated time length could be longer. The approximate cost of contact lenses depends upon your insurance. And it also depends on the types of contact lenses you choose to get.

What Should You Look for In an Eye Doctor?

You should definitely find an eye doctor who is board certified. Again, we look to our example facility, Burcham Eyecare Center of Aurora, CO. Dr. James Burcham received academic honors in the mid-1970s after graduating from an accredited university and completing his Residency in Ophthalmology. Also with its excellence in patient service, the Eyecare Center has been in operation for decades and receives great reviews from its many happy patients. Call Burcham Eyecare Center in Aurora today. 


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