Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries That Our Optometry and Ophthalmology Specialists Can Treat

Whether you're playing your favorite sport with your friends or just working at home or the office, an eye injury can occur at any time. While wearing protective eyewear can prevent accidents a vast majority of the time, sometimes, they can't be avoided. Should you suffer from one of the following common eye injuries, Burcham Eyecare Center is your optometry and ophthalmology professional in Aurora to help treat and manage them.


Swelling of The Eyes

Your eye can begin to swell, or commonly referred to as a "black eye," when you get hit with enough force for it to bruise. This type of eye injury happens many times in sports or if you inadvertently got hit with a hard object. Blood vessels break under the surface of the skin, which causes the discoloration you see. Applying an ice pack can reduce swelling, but you should also get checked by our eye doctors.

Foreign Objects Penetrate The Eye

Any type of object that goes into the eye would require an immediate appointment with our eye doctors. You could be working outside trimming the lawn, and a piece of wood gets into your eye or a drop a cup, and a bit of glass gets the eye. Although it would be your nature to try to remove the object, never attempt to do it on your own. Proper removal from an eye doctor would prevent further damage.

Corneal Abrasions

A corneal abrasion is another way to say your eye has been scratched. Your eye can begin to turn red, and it will have some pain when you open or close it. Depending on the severity of the abrasion, we will either prescribe pain medication treatments or use specialized eye drops.

Chemical Burns

Other than water, getting splashed in your eyes with any substance can be very harmful. While many will provide a stinging sensation, in severe cases, vision loss or blindness can occur. Substances can be broken down into acid and alkali, with the latter usually being more dangerous. If you've been splashed with any hazardous liquid, call our eye doctors right away for treatment or come in immediately.

Eye Bleeding

Eye bleeding, or referred to as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, usually looks worse than what you see. This situation can occur as a result of rough coughing and sneezing, forceful lifting, or various eye infections. While it looks painful, this situation does not result in vision loss, and the eye returns to normal after several weeks. 

Contact Burcham Eyecare Center In Aurora For Eye Injuries

You should never downplay any eye injury, and it's best to get help from our professional optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have had an eye injury, don't hesitate to contact the staff at Burcham Eyecare Center in Aurora right away for immediate assistance. Our number is 3033404600.


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